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Meet Joachim Valente, Quis founder

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Joachim’s journey in the tech world began with a five-year stint at Google, followed by another four years at Stripe, diving deep into the complexities of payment systems and financial technology. His expertise and passion for problem-solving led him to a leadership role in fraud prevention at a burgeoning startup.

Throughout his career, he traveled extensively, visiting numerous countries and meeting countless people. He often found himself struggling to remember the details of the contacts he made during his travels. Reconnecting with these contacts when he revisited the same places was a recurring challenge.

The idea for Quis was born out of his personal frustration with traditional contact management tools. He wanted a solution that could seamlessly integrate the details of his contacts, remembering not just names and numbers, but also the context in which he met them. Joachim envisioned a tool that could help him, and others like him, reconnect with people effortlessly, enhancing personal and professional relationships.

Driven by this vision, he created Quis, an innovative app designed to revolutionize contact management. Quis quickly became the go-to app for professionals and travelers alike, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for managing and reconnecting with contacts.

Joachim’s creation not only solved his own challenges but also provided a valuable tool for anyone looking to maintain and grow their network with ease.

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